Special Profiles & Mouldings

With the requirement for more and more bespoke installations, we can now offer a profile/moulding production service, which will allow greater flexibility of installation and the ability to co-ordinate more aspects of the tiled finish.

The sort of items that make the differences are step treads, wall copings, pool edgings and even details that can incorporate LED lights, all this and more in the same tile you have chosen just to give your project that little bit extra.


Swimming Pool & Outdoor Spaces

With a comprehensive range of products available to ensure continuity of style, colour, finish, or all three in your outdoor spaces, it is now possible to have the same tile as you enter your driveway running through the house, onto the patio and into the pool!


There is even the option to have bollard lighting made in the matching tile finishes to mark the outer edge of your patio, or simply to add ambiance to your outdoor space on a summer evening when entertaining friends, all this is possible with quality porcelain.



Slim/4 & Slim/4+

Slim/4 is a range of porcelain tiles that are produced in a thinner format, this is to enable fixing over existing tiles or surfaces that would otherwise be unable to support the weight of 9mm and 10mm material. The advantages to this are many, but not least of these is that the need to remove the existing tiles is diminished and costs reduced.


The Slim/4+ is a limited range of the above that is produced with a backing of a Velcro type and the tiles are laid over a foam underlay with one surface to accept the tile. This means that a porcelain floor tile can be fitted over a floor that needs to be maintained in its original condition, be that for reasons of heritage or simply a temporary change of use for the area, both options in the Slim/4 range are produced for very practical reasons and we are sure that you will find them very useful for your project.


Exterior Cladding Systems

These systems are designed to offer a finishing solution, either for new builds or as a means of refurbishing the exterior of older buildings. The flexibility of being able to select from a range of effects that can also be used for the internal finishings, including floor areas, will mean the most difficult aspect of this product is choosing the style and finish you prefer.

There are also advantages with insulation, to be able to clad an older building and add insulation to an otherwise un-insulated building has an even greater economy than just the aesthetic.


Magnum Extra Large Sizes

Magnum is a range of material developed in FLORIM, Italy, and is available in sizes from 80cmx80cm up to 160cmx320cm. The product is made in a 6mm thickness to ease handling and to make it possible to over fix existing tiles or surfaces that would otherwise be unsuitable for a heavy decorative finish.

The product uses the latest digital reproduction technology, so natural effects really do look like the real thing, a product that is a true giant!


Raised Floor Systems

The advances in production technology over the past 5 years has brought about a revolution in porcelain products, previously there was nervousness regarding the use of tiles in certain situations, but now most problems can be overcome with relative ease.


Raised floor systems are now produced for many situations, internally to allow access to services beneath the floor or externally to offer exceptional drainage. Access beneath the finish surface can still maintain a contemporary and practical look.